WelCome Mike Patel of Atlanta

Who is Mike Patel? You’ll be surprised when you learn the many positive attributes of this good man who has an important role to play in business today. Mike Patel Duluth, Georgia wasn’t born in the southern United States. Instead, he was born in Uganda of parents of Indian heritage. Then, he grew up in London, eventually graduating London Business School. Always a soccer enthusiast, Mukesh “Mike” Patel played for Crystal Palace and other teams. In 1981, he moved to the U.S. and became part of the Atlanta Chiefs team.
But no soccer player can play forever. Today, Mike Patel, hotel developer, operates from Georgia and is as respected in real estate and the hospitality industry as he was on the soccer field. In fact, one could argue that Mike Patel in Duluth GA is better known today for his business expertise than for his professional soccer career. Since most of his soccer career was in the United Kingdom, Mike Patel in Georgia is easily more known for business. Mike has even had the privilege of being invited on a trip with President Bill Clinton in 1989 – during the time when he was working most closely with the Asian American Hotel Owners Association. Plus, he served on the Clinton Foundation on Global Initiative. The British government hasn’t forgotten about Mike Patel Duluth, Georgia – or Atlanta, Georgia, if you prefer. In 2007, British Prime Minister Tony Blair presented hotel developer Mike Patel with its Award for International Cooperationin recognition of the work he had done and is continuing to do relatedto international cooperation among ethnic communities. As you get to know Mike Patel in GA, you will certainly see why he has attained so many high and respected positions throughout his career. He’s a good businessman – and a good person in general.

Soccer Player

He came to the U.S. as professional soccer player.

Atlanta Businessmen

He is a Atlanta Businessman .

International Award

He was awarded for international cooperation.

Atlanta entrepreneur and community
leader Mukesh "Mike" Patel
is a recipient of the 2007 Award for
International Cooperation between the
United States and the United Kingdom.
Britain's Prime Minister
Tony Blair presented
the award at a dinner
celebration in London

Mike Patel in Atlanta is
a dedicated Sales Professional
with over 20 years of experience
in the Anaheim, Anaheim Hills
and the North Orange County
real estate market.

Atlanta Businessmen Mukesh “Mike” Patel
and Digvijay Gaekwad accompany
Martin Luther King III, Along With Rep.
John Lewis, Former Senator Harris Wofford,
&Former Ambassador Andrew Young,
and legendary Jazz Musician Herbie Hancock